Serbia National Team at Euro 2024: A Historic Return

Serbia National Team at Euro 2024 – Historic Return After 24 Years

For the first time since their appearance in the 2000 tournament held in the Netherlands, the Serbia National Team is back to compete in the UEFA European Championship. This return to the Euro stage marks a significant moment for Serbian football and its passionate supporters.

Road to Qualification

The journey to Euro 2024 has been a remarkable one for the Serbia National Team. Through determination, skill, and strategic play, they secured their place in the tournament, overcoming numerous challenges along the way. The qualification process showcased the team’s growth and their readiness to compete on the big stage.

Squad Overview

The Serbia National Team boasts a strong lineup, combining experienced veterans with emerging talents. Here are the key players expected to shine at Euro 2024:

  • Goalkeepers:
    • Djordje Petrovic (Chelsea)
    • Predrag Rajković (Mallorca)
    • Vanja Milinković-Savić (Torino)
  • Defenders:
    • Nikola Milenković (Fiorentina)
    • Strahinja Pavlović (RB Salzburg)
    • Miloš Veljković (Werder Bremen)
    • Srdjan Babic (Spartak Moscow)
    • Uroš Spajić (Feyenoord)
    • Nemanja Stojic (TSC)
  • Midfielders:
    • Sergej Milinković-Savić (Al Hilal)
    • Dusan Tadic (Fenerbahce)
    • Nemanja Maksimović (Getafe)
    • Saša Lukić (Fulham)
    • Nemanja Gudelj (Sevilla)
    • Filip Kostić (Juventus)
    • Filip Mladenovic (Panathinaikos)
    • Ivan Ilic (Torino)
    • Mijat Gacinovic (AEK)
    • Lazar Samardzic (Udineze)
    • Srdjan Mijailovic (Red Star)
    • Veljko Birmancevic (Sparta Prague)
    • Andrija Živković (PAOK)
  • Forwards:
    • Aleksandar Mitrović (Al Hilal)
    • Dušan Vlahović (Juventus)
    • Luka Jović (Fiorentina)
    • Petar Ratkov (RB Salzburg)

Key Players to Watch

Serbia’s squad is packed with talent, featuring players who have made a name for themselves in top European leagues. Key figures include Dusan Tadic, the creative force behind the team’s attacking play, and Aleksandar Mitrovic, known for his goal-scoring prowess. These players, along with a solid defense led by Strahinja Pavlovic, are expected to make a significant impact in the tournament. If given time to play, it will be worthy paying attention to Lazar Samardzic and Petar Ratkov.

Group Stage Matches

The Serbia National Team will face tough competition in the group stage of Euro 2024. Their opponents include some of the best teams in Europe, promising thrilling matches and high-stakes action. Fans are eagerly anticipating these clashes, hopeful that Serbia will advance to the knockout stages. Serbia will face England, Denmark and Slovenia.

Standings provided by Sofascore

Expectations and Goals

The expectations for the Serbia National Team at Euro 2024 are high. With a blend of experienced players and rising stars, the team aims to make a deep run in the tournament. Their primary goal is to advance past the group stage and compete fiercely in the knockout rounds.

Historical Context

Serbia’s return to the Euro stage after 24 years is not just about the games; it’s about the legacy and pride of Serbian football. The 2000 appearance was under the flag of FR Yugoslavia, making this the first time the team competes as Serbia. This historical context adds an extra layer of significance to their participation in Euro 2024.

Fan Support

Serbian fans are known for their passionate and unwavering support. As the Serbia National Team prepares for Euro 2024, fans across the country and the diaspora are rallying behind them, creating a wave of enthusiasm and hope. The support of their fans will undoubtedly be a driving force for the players on the field.


The Serbia National Team’s participation in Euro 2024 is a momentous occasion. As they step onto the field in Germany, they carry the hopes and dreams of a nation eager to see them succeed. With a strong squad and the backing of their passionate fans, Serbia is poised to make a memorable impact at Euro 2024.

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