How Will the Brexit Rules Affect Premier League

How will the Premier League look like with Brexit

Brexit came fully into force on the first day on 2021. And, as it was announced in 2020, it will have its impact on the sport as well.

By Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, the major impact in sport will be on the transfers. This will already be seen in the upcoming transfer window for European clubs. We will see what will be the restrictions when it comes to signing players who come from EU countries.

What will be the impact on the Premier League?

In a word – huge. Strict system comes in the force upon which the players will be able to come to Premier League club. There will be some point based system. Points will be collected (so to say) by playing for the National team, by playing in top 5 leagues, which practically means that only experienced and top players will be able to play in Premier League. Those who collect less points than it is required will have to seek for special permissions in order to sign for Premier League club.

Another “downfall” is that the clubs will no longer be able to sign players younger than 18. So far, the clubs signed U16 players who then pass their academies.

Is there something positive?

Somehow, the benefit of these measures and rules will be seen by domestic players. It is expected that the football academies become even more significant for the clubs. After all, it will be harder for the players from Great Britain to go somewhere because they will be considered as foreigners (non-EU players).

What this means for English players going in other countries?

Other countries will definitely react to the changes in England. Spain Football Federation already reminded on Friday that from 1st of January, English players will be considered as foreigners. It is likely that the other countries will follow as well.

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