Key Mistakes That Lead to Breakdown of Super League

Analysts claim that the league was damned to failure.

Only three days of its existence, the European Super League is over. There is no doubt in that anymore, although Barcelona and Real Madrid are officially still struggling to keep it alive.

Other ten members officially canceled their membership for which Andrea Agnelli stated that it is unsustainable and that the project no longer exists.

The dilemma stays. Whether the breakdown of the newly formed league is bigger surprise than its establishment. However, some European football analysts claim that the founders of the league did make several mistakes – seven to be precise.

Poor communication

If certain group wants to take the power, the information is of major importance. To be precise, it is important to control the media. Super League founders did not have the control of Media and attacking the UEFA and FIFA without this control is a mistake number one.

Absence of Germans

Although many sources stated that Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig will be the part of the Super League, the German clubs categorically rejected this day after the announcement. They remained strongly with UEFA and Champions League. And let’s face it. It is hard to organize something without the Germans, since Bayern Munich is the reigning champion of the Champions League.

PSG’s decision not to follow

Everyone saw PSG as the France member in this new league because PSG is always connected with the money.  And, one of the major reasons for founding the league was money. However, rich owners of PSG did not want to join the league because of the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. The sheikhs debt towards FIFA was stronger than the wish to join the league.

Weakness of the project

The structure of the European Super League brought too many doubts. The total confusion arose from the broadcasting rights. Media houses confirmed and denied the broadcasting every hour. Additionally, there is the issue with the referees. Who would be in charge? We know that UEFA threatened to the participants with the appearance on the EURO and World Cup and all the other competitions under UEFA or FIFA.

Fans Disapproval

The founders claimed that the competition will be approved by the fans. What we saw was that the fans protested immediately. The fans protested in front of the stadiums and on social media.

It seems that the fans were never more united, refusing the football to be taken away from them. The reactions of fans were clear before the matches of Liverpool on Monday and Chelsea on Tuesday.

The Effect of Pandemics

One of the reasons for strong disapproval of the Super League was the pandemic itself. In the time when world battles against the Covid-19, the founders were talking about the billions this competition would bring. This was not the right move.


Although politics is not involved in sport (or rarely is), but the initiation of European Super League brought the whole England on feet. There were pressures on Government to ban the “big six” to buy foreign players in order for the other countries to step in and give their support to UEFA and FIFA. We know that without the country’s support, hardly anything can function.

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