Who Are The Football Players That Played In All Top 5 European Leagues

Football’s dynamic landscape often ties a player’s legacy to loyalty to a single club. Yet, a rare breed of athletes transcends these boundaries, leaving an indelible mark across the continent. These football virtuosos, driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, etch their names in history by achieving the remarkable feat of playing in all of Europe’s top five football leagues.

The English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, the Bundesliga in Germany, and Ligue 1 in France stand as the pinnacle of domestic football. Each league boasts a unique style, culture, and challenges. Success in one is noteworthy; conquering all is a testament to a player’s unparalleled skill, adaptability, and enduring passion.

Embark on a journey through football history as we explore the careers of players who dared to tread the less-taken path. From rainy English stadiums to sun-soaked Spanish pitches, iconic Italian arenas, electric German football scenes, and the flair-filled French football culture – these athletes have graced them all, leaving an indomitable legacy as true pan-European football icons. Let’s see who are football players that played in all top 5 European leagues.

Christian Poulsen – Defensive Midfielder

Christian Poulsen in Copenhagen Jersey
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One of the first football players that played in all top 5 European leagues in our list is Christian Poulsen. The defensive midfielder commenced his career in Holbaek, Denmark. At the tender age of 17, he embarked on his professional journey. When he turned 20 in 2000, he secured a deal with Copenhagen, the multiple champions of the Danish league. Over the course of 2 seasons with 45 appearances, he netted 10 goals. Impressive performances for the Danish champions paved the way for his move to the German Bundesliga. In 2002, he inked a 4-year contract with Schalke 04, amassing 111 appearances in that period. Following his stint at Schalke 04, Poulsen ventured into Spain’s La Liga. His next stop was Sevilla, where he spent 2 years before joining the ranks of the Italian giants, Juventus.

Upon arriving at Juventus, he made 48 appearances and scored once in a span of 2 years. In 2010, he clinched his most significant contract yet, signing with Liverpool. However, his sojourn in England lasted only one year, marked by a modest 11 appearances before he headed to Evian in France. This move completed his journey across all 5 top European leagues – the coveted “Big Five” achievement. After his time at Evian, he furthered his career with Ajax, culminating in a return to Copenhagen where he gracefully concluded his rich football journey at the age of 35.


Year Club Appearances Goals
1997-2000 Holbaek 82 13
2000-2002 Copenhagen 45 10
2002-2006 Schalke 04 111 3
2006-2008 Sevilla 62 4
2008-2010 Juventus 48 1
2010-2011 Liverpool 12 0
2011-2012 Evian 24 0
2012-2014 Ajax 54 1
2014-2015 Copenhagen 16 1

Florin Raducioiu – Striker

Florin Raducioiu In VfB Sttutgart Jersey
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Second of the football players that played in all top 5 European leagues is Florin Raducioiu, a former professional footballer from Romania, successfully completed the “Big Five” journey, showcasing his talent across four clubs in Italy (Bari, Hellas Verona, Brescia, and Milan). Additionally, Florin left his mark on the football landscape by playing for Espanyol, West Ham, Monaco, and VfB Stuttgart.

His professional journey kicked off in 1986 at the age of 16 with Dinamo Bucuresti. By the time he reached 20 in 1990, he made a significant move to Bari. Over the following three seasons, he spent one year each at Hellas Verona, Brescia, and AC Milan. Notably, it was at Brescia where he had the most profound impact, scoring 13 goals in 29 appearances. From AC Milan, his last Italian club, Raducioiu transitioned to Espanyol in 1994. During his tenure with Espanyol, spanning four years, he played 56 times and scored 19 goals. Despite signing a 4-year contract, he experienced two loan spells during his Espanyol years – first in 1996 to West Ham and then in 1997 to VfB Stuttgart. In 1998, he re-signed for Brescia, and by 2000, he returned to his home club, Dinamo Bucuresti. The journey continued in 2001 as he joined Monaco, completing his tour of the Top 5 European leagues. He later moved to Creteil in 2004, marking the end of his illustrious football career.


Year Club Appearances Goals
1986-1990 Dinamo Bucuresti 76 29
1990-1991 Bari 30 5
1991-1992 Hellas Verona 30 2
1992-1993 Brescia 29 13
1993-1994 AC Milan 7 2
1994-1998 Espanyol 56 19
1996 (loan) West Ham United 11 2
1997-1998 (loan) VfB Stuttgart 19 4
1998-2000 Brescia 37 5
2000 Dinamo Bucuresti 8 1
2001-2002 Monaco 12 2
2004 Creteil 9 1

Stevan Jovetic – Striker

Stevan Jovetic in Montenegro jersey with his armed lifed above the head
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Among the trio, Jovetic stands as the sole active player, currently plying his trade at Olympiacos at the age of 34.

His professional journey commenced at FK Partizan Belgrade in 2006, taking his first steps abroad at the age of 17. Notably, Jovetic, recognizing the football school at Partizan, swiftly ventured into international territory at 19 by signing with Fiorentina. Over a five-year tenure from 2008 to 2013, Jovetic’s prowess shone through with 116 appearances and 35 goals. This stellar performance caught the eye of Manchester City, leading to his signing in 2013. From 2013 to 2016, he made 30 appearances and scored 8 times.

In 2015, Jovetic embarked on a loan spell to Inter Milan, netting 6 goals in 26 appearances. His impressive loan stint prompted Inter to offer him a contract in 2016, a move that proved challenging as he played only six matches in the subsequent season due to injuries.

In 2017, Inter sent him to Sevilla, where he showcased his skills in 21 games, scoring 6 goals. Becoming a free agent in 2017, Jovetic signed with Monaco, where he spent four seasons, amassing 68 matches and scoring 18 times. In 2021, he made a move to Hertha BSC on a 2-year contract, completing his journey across the “Big Five” European leagues. Following the conclusion of his contract with Hertha, Jovetic found a new home at Olympiacos, where he continues to contribute to the beautiful game.


Year Club Appearances Goals
2006-2008 FK Partizan 51 13
2008-2013 Fiorentina 116 35
2013-2016 Manchester City 30 8
2015-2016 (loan) Inter Milan 26 6
2016-2017 Inter Milan 5 0
2017 (loan) Sevilla 21 6
2017-2021 Monaco 61 18
2021-2023 Hertha BSC 35 10
2023 (ongoing) Olympiacos 8 2

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in Arsenal Jersey
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Although Aubameyang did not play in all top 5 leagues, his noteworthy stint with AC Milan from 2008 to 2011 stands out. Surprisingly, he did not feature in a single match during this period, consistently being sent out on loans. In hindsight, considering his remarkable career, it’s evident that AC Milan made one of the biggest mistakes in the club’s history.

Aubameyang’s journey continued with spells at Saint-Etienne, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, and Chelsea. He made a significant impact, scoring an impressive total of 215 goals in 392 combined games.

Notably, Aubameyang holds a unique distinction as the only player to score hat-tricks in four out of the five top European leagues – achieving this feat in Spain, England, France, and Germany. Additionally, he stands as the third African player to secure a hat-trick for Barcelona, following in the footsteps of Keita and Samuel Eto’o. Aubameyang’s prowess and versatility on the pitch have undeniably left an indelible mark on European football.