Harry Maguire! The Man Who Captains Ronaldo, De Gea, Pogba…

It is hard to believe that it is true, but yes, Maguire is captain to one Ronaldo.

Maguire came from Leicester to Manchester United for $107 million. It was a transfer that promised the new Nemanja Vidic. However, time showed that this was not the case, it showed that the money spent was not justified on the field. It showed that Maguire is not up to Manchester United, once great club.

What happen?

Well, the Leicester winning the Premier League happen. After Leicester won the title in England, all the players have their prices up. Some of them justified it and some did not. For example, N’Golo Kante justified every penny Chelsea spent to have him in their team. He became an unreplaceable member of Chelsea midfield.

In 2019, three years after Leicester won the England Premier League, Maguire secured the move to Manchester United. He signed 6-years contract with the possibility to extend it for 1 year (which will hardly be done).

Maguire showed that he is not a player for the big stages and that he cannot fulfill the expectations. Solskjaer went even further by giving the captaincy to him. Though there were players in the club that earned it equally if not more. For instance, David de Gea. Nevertheless, since 2016 and perfect season for Leicester, Maguire just went down in the form.

It is not understandable how the player of his “quality” can be a first choice, let a lone the captain of Manchester United. To have it directly, he is the player that was “guilty” for all 5 goals Manchester United conceded against Liverpool at Old Trafford, rounded up with Salah’s hat-trick (something never happened before at Old Traford).

At the moment, the club has players as Cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, Paul Pogba, David de Gea, Bruno Fernandes, and yet, Maguire is the captain. He simply has no authority to be captain to the players above. Also, he should worm a bench for a little while.

Rafael van der Vaart said interesting thing in live broadcast recently. He said that the Maguire knows how bad he is. He always get back home with the knowledge of how bad he was but the salary is good and that he will continue with playing as long as checks keep coming in.

We hope, for the sake of Manchester United that Solskjaer will come to his senses and make some necessary changes.

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