Jokic-Morris Equal Punishment? Is it ok?

Was the recent punishment fair for the situation that happen? Morris was fined with $50,000 while Nikola Jokic was suspended for one match.

We believe that the punishment was not equal. It was a cheap shot by Morris to which Nikola Jokic retaliate. As Shaq said, “for a cheap shot, you get the cheap shot”. We all know that Jokic is calm player and he never do this on the court. This is the European style of basketball. They never retaliate for such fouls in Europe. But this time, Jokic had to take things in his hands. For those who follow NBA, you can easily see that Joker always talk with the refs after every contact, trying to persuade them to protect them over the game. He wants the same protection as Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounpo and others get. After all, Joker is the reigning MVP and he does not get the protection he deserves. The situation with Morris was the trigger.

Nikola Jokic might be offended even more when he saw Morris turns his back to him after a sneezy foul. At the moment Joker lost it and storm towards Morris. He hit him in the back with his elbow. As Shaq said “if you hit me, do not turn your back, face me”.

Both players where punished. Morris was fined with $50,000 while Joker will miss the next game. The punishment is not fair. Either both players should be financially fined or both should be suspended for one game.

After the game Joker stated that he admits that he over reacted but he needed to protect himself. Morris made stupid foul. The game was lost anyway. But, as it can be seen, Morris aimed for the knee Joker injured recently. This might be the reason Jokic reacted as he reacted. See for your self:

We are certain that Jokic will not repeat this in the future but he needed to send the message. Do not hit me and expect I will be ok with it.

We would like to hear your opinion on the situation in the comment section below.

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