How Much Money Did Djokovic Earned So Far

By winning the Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic managed to level with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal when it comes to the number of Grand Slams. All three of them have 20 Grand Slams at the moment. The race for the GOAT is now even more complicated. It would be safest to say that these 3 extraordinary players marked one era of tennis. Not just marked, but they set the bar so high that it will be very difficult for one player to reach this achievement, let alone three at the same time.

Well, Novak Djokovic’s determination to break all the records in front of him is on the highest level. He entered the week number 320 as the number 1. He surpassed Roger long time ago. Next stop is to break the record Steffi Graff is holding, 377 weeks. At the moment Djokovic is safe, but he will need to be at the number 1 for entire year to break this record.

Total Income

However, if we will measure through the income throughout career, Djokovic is not so close to Roger Federer. Since he became a professional tennis player in 2003, Novak Djokovic earned $430 million. The amount includes the income from commercials,  tournaments and sponsorships. Rafael Nadal earned $480 million throughout career while Roger Federer is far away from these two. With $90 million he earned this year, he surpassed the magic number of 1 billion. This made him only the sixth sportsman that achieved this. Before him, the magic number were reached by Tyger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and LeBron James. Majority of that money comes from the sponsorship agreements.

When it comes to Djokovic, he became the player with the most money earned from the tennis tournaments in the history of tennis. He is the first player who won over $150 million only from tennis. In this aspect, Djokovic is better than Nadal and Federer as these two won $124 million and $130 million respectively. Although Novak has the sponsors such as Peugeot, Lacoste, and Asics, it is hardly possible that he will “catch” Federer when it comes to the income.

Sport Success

On the other hand, there, where the sport success is measured, Djokovic is currently dominating in the way we did not see so far. He will now have the possibility to write the history if he manages to won the Olympic games in Tokyo and US Open afterwards. This would give him the undoubtful title of the GOAT, the best tennis player in the history of this sport.

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