Will Messi Leave Barcelona

To answer this question directly, no.

Lionel Messi will not leave Barcelona as the Argentinian reportedly signed the new 5 year deal. Above that, it is believed that he accepted salary cut of 50%.

In last 6 months, we could hear all sorts of stories how Messi is not satisfied in Barcelona anymore and that he is looking for a way out. Many clubs were waiting in line. Among others, three clubs were in play. Manchester City, PSG and Inter.

Before the pandemic that struck the world, we could take Inter seriously as the true contestant for the signature of Messi. However, when the pandemic struck, Chinese authorities (Inter owner is Chinese) stop all the investments abroad so Inter find themselves in the financial crisis. The situation worsens immediately after Inter clinched the Serie A. Conte left the club, and in order to find the funds in order not to be penalized due to UEFA’s financial fair play, they need to sell some players. First in line is Achraf Hakimi who signed for PSG. More departures are expected in the following month.

However, Manchester City and PSG were closest to sign Messi. Lets be honest, these two clubs have enough money to cover all the expenses for Messi. Many believed that his friendship with Guradiola or Neymar would make the transfer in one of these two clubs as a logical move. On the other hand, it was logical that he will continue his career and probably end it in Barcelona. Latest transfer in Barcelona were pointing to the fact that he will stay in Barcelona. His best man, Sergio Aguero, moved to Barcelona this summer.

So, to wrap this up, according to various reports, Messi agreed pay cut in order to sign new 5-year deal with Barcelona. We will watch him more in La Liga.

As a bonus, Messi finally won the major trophy in his career. In the recent Copa America tournament, Argentina lift the trophy. On the Copa America, he scored 4 goals and made 5 assists which was enough to get the Player of The Tournament award.

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