LaMarcus Aldridge traded to Brooklyn Nets

It seems that Brooklyn Nets are seriously considering to go for the championship. After Blake Griffin and James Harden, Nets signed LaMarcus Aldridge from San Antonio Spurs. This means only one thing. It means that Nets are serious about winning the NBA Championship.

At the moment, Brooklyn has 5 Al-Star players in the squad: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin, and James Harden. This team was standing good even with “only” Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. However, Brooklyn Nets knew that they will need at least one more Al-Star player in order to be competitive. They went two steps forward and get another 3 Al-Star players.

It will be very interesting to see if they will manage to win it with this team.

Brooklyn Nets stand good in the Eastern Conference. They are in the second place after Philadelphia 76ers. It is now sure that Nets will be in the Playoffs.

In the Western Conference will be more interesting to see who will clinch the final place for the Playoffs qualification. Six teams are projected to fight for position 10 that will lead for the qualification. Those are Memphis, Golden State, Sacramento, New Orleans, and Oklahoma.

Standings provided by SofaScore LiveScore

There is a plenty of time left, almost 40 rounds until the Playoffs. We just need to sit back and enjoy.

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