Cristiano Ronaldo’s Captain Armband Sold for 64,000EUR

We all know that match between Serbia and Portugal ended 2:2. It was a match in the European Qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar next year.

The situation that happened in the 93rd minute has its good side. Just before the end of the match between Serbia and Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo throw away his captain armband on the pitch clearly annoyed by the referee’s decision not to signal the goal he scored.

Young firefighter got the armband. He decided to do a good thing with it by placing it on the auction.  All the funds were for treatment of 6-months old Gavrilo who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. The auction was successful, having been sold for 64,000 EUR. The buyer is a well known bookmaker company from Serbia “Mozzart”.

This was truly a great gesture from a firefighter. The gesture that will no doubt help 6-months old Gavrilo in his own fight with spinal muscular atrophy.

Parents of the young Gavrilo were very surprised but thankful for the help received from someone they do not even know.

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