Top 5 Players in Italian Serie A in 2020/2021 Season

The Italian championship is finished. Inter won the title after 11 years. Mastermind behind the success is Antonio Conte. He did not back down from his tactics throughout season. He could have won the championship previous season but he loos to Juventus by one point.

However, we are here to discuss the top 5 players in Italian Serie A in 2020/2021 Season. This list is created by the opinion by Edge of Area team. Maybe it is biased, maybe it is not. It is up to you to approve or disapprove the list.

There are many players that probably deserve to be in the top 5 but here is our list:

5. Dusan Vlahovic

This Serbian international entered the list as the number 5. Dusan Vlahovic is most improved player in this seasons Serie A. This youngster scored astonishing 21 goals. He also added 3 assists. He was one of the key players that helped Fiorentina to avoid relegation. His entire career is in front of him as he is only 21 years old.

4. Ruslan Malinovskyi

The Ukrainian midfielder had a really good season in Italian championship. He made 12 assists and added 8 goals to his statistics. One of the key players in Gasperini’s machinery. Atalanta finished third in Serie A which grants them the place in the group phase of the European Champions League.

3. Lorenzo Insigne

We opted for Lorenzo Insigne as number 3 for the 2020/2021 season. He played another great season. Even though Napoli failed to clinch the last place that leads to ECL, we still think that Lorenzo deserves to be at the position number 3. During the season, he scored 19 goals and added 7 assists. According the SofaScore, Insigne is the highest rated player in the league with the average rating of 7.55. Well done Insigne, but it is time to move to a club that aims for the trophies.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

This list would not be completed if the goal machine was not part of it. He scored 29 goals while the average rating is 7.45. Concerning the assists, it is not something Ronaldo is prone to, so he had only 3 assists in 2020/2021 season. Ronaldo won the Italian cup with Juventus this season. According to the statistics, Ronaldo scored a goal every 97 minutes this season. He was also picked 5 times in the Team of the Week.

1. Romelu Lukaku

Of course, the number one is dedicated to Belgian striker. In the season 2020/2021, he scored 24 goals for Inter, adding 11 assists to his name. In total, he contributed his team with 35 goals (goals and assists combined). He was also 6 times in the Team of the Week. It is safe to say that Lukaku was the key player in Conte’s squad. We do not want to undervalue the contribution of goalkeeper Samir Handanovic, the defense trio (De Vrij, Skriniar and Bastoni), magnificent plays of Nicolo Barella or Achraf Hakimi, but Lukaku contributed the most. He deserves the first place in this list.

Of course, there are many other players who have the right to be part of the list, but we had only 5 places and we gave our best to choose the best. Above mentioned defense trio from Inter deserved to be in the list since they allowed only 35 goals this season. Zlatan Ibrahimovic should have had a better season but he had injury issues so he finished the season with 15 goals (he was the leading scorer in the mid season).

Nevertheless, we hope you will like the list we created.

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