Match Between Serbia and Portugal Will Raise Questions

Two days have passed from the match between Serbia and Portugal. However, the internet is on fire because the situation that happened in the 93rd minute.

It was a very good match between Serbia and European Champion, Portugal. Serbia entered the match really positively and with courage. Usually, Serbia played with one classic striker, this time the newly elected head coach Dragan Stojkovic decided to attack Portugal. So he sent the team with really attacking oriented individuals. Two strikers (Dusan Vlahovic and Aleksandar Mitrovic), behind them played Dusan Tadic. Filip Kostic and Danko Lazovic played on wings while in the middle of the pitch were Gudelj and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. It is obvious that Stojkovic did not decide to play defensive football in Belgrade.

First Half in sign of Portugal

However, first half was not that good for the Serbian side since after only 36 minutes, Portugal was in the lead. The score was 0:2. The shortest guy in the field, Diogo Jota, scored two headers over Nikola Maksimovic and Stefan Mitrovic.

Second Half (first 20 minutes) in sign of Serbia

The second half was much better for Serbia. As if Stojkovic had a really positive pep talk in the half time. They played furiously and already in the 60th minute, the score was 2:2. Serbia had the chance to make a complete return but failed to make their chances. In the last 20 minutes of the match, there were no significant chances on both sides.

Situation that marked the match

Now, let’s skip to the situation that marked this match. The minute was 93rd. Perfect through ball to Ronaldo on the edge of the penalty area. He moved easily pass young Pavlovic who could not foul Ronaldo since he already had a yellow card. Ronaldo entered the penalty area, he used the lack of concentration of the goalkeeper Dmitrovic and passed the ball behind him into the net. Stefan Mitrovic rushed to the goal line and remove the ball from the goal with the sliding tackle to the top of the penalty area. Bernardo Silva collected the deflected ball and he place the strong shot towards still empty goal but Mitrovic blocked this shot as well.

Ronaldo immediately started screaming on the referees to acknowledge the goal which they did not do. He continued with the pressure on the linesman until he received the yellow card. The replay showed that the ball passed the goal line but the linesman did not see that and he did not gave the signal to the referee to signalize the goal. He was so furious on the referees for being denied of the goal that he did not want to continue the game (couple of seconds left), but he stormed towards the locker room. While he was storming out, he striped the “captain” arm band and throw it on the grass.

Is Ronaldo’s behaviour justified

However, this was not the way to behave. After all, he is a professional and leader of his team not to mention that many kids look up to him. Those who do not like him as they like Messi claim that he was more furious of being denied of a goal that would brake another record for him. After all, this would be his 109th goal for the national team which would make him the highest goal scorer for the national team. I will not claim that this was the reason. I believe that he was frustrated because when the ball crossed the goal line, he was near the post and he clearly saw it, but referee who was way behind him could not see it. And, to point our, VAR is not available in the group stage of European Qualifiers for the World Cup.

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