Santos Disputes Messi’s Record

Brazilians claim that Pele has been denied 448 goals he scored for Santos. They count that Pele scored astonishing 1.091 goals.

Pele holding the World Cup trophy

Messi broke Pele’s record for scoring the most goals for one club. Legendary Brazilian congratulated him for this achievement, whole world congratulated him, marketing campaigns are initiated for this purpose. What came next is that Santos protested against this record.

In the statement they published on the club’s official site, they claim that Messi is far far away behind their legend. The majority of public in Brazil considers that Pele scored 1.091 goals in his professional career. Goals from friendly matches and matches against low quality teams are calculated here. He scored 448 goals in these matches, but these are no where registered as high achievement.

Because of this, Santos management is disputing Messi’s record. If Messi’s goals in friendlies are calculated in those 644, why shouldn’t Pele’s goal from friendly matches be calculated.

“Some of 448 goals that are being disputed, are some against great clubs from that period. Pele scored 9 goals against Club de America (Mexico) and Colo Colo (Chile). He scored 8 times against Inter Milan, he scored against River Plate, Boca Juniors, Racing, Real Madrid, Juventus, Lazio, Naples, Benfica and Anderlecht. Even Barcelona was “victim” against whom he scored 4 goals in 4 matches”, says in the statement from Santos.

Santos management continues: ” There is an argument that some of 448 goals where scored during friendly matches against weaker rivals, small or regional clubs. In any case, those matches where played in official equipment, in accordance with the rules which are officially registered. We remind you that for the friendly match, one needs the approval from regional or national federation. Whether the rival is strong or not has nothing to do with the statistics. The goal against Eibar is statistically equally worth as the one against Valencia. Goal against Transval (Surinam) is equally worth as the one against Real Madrid (at Santiago Bernabeu).

Will this statement change anything? Probably not. Pele himself congratulated Messi on braking his record, handing over the “crown”.

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