Juventus and Barcelona ready for another exchange of players

If Corriere dello Sport is right, Barcelona and Juventus are considering another exchange of players. This one would surpass the last summer’s exchange when Miralem Pjanic went to Barcelona and Athur Melo in Juventus.  To be precise, it seems that Antoine Griezman would go to Juventus while Paolo Dybala would move to Barcelona.

Considering the current form of the two players it is hard to tell who would “win” and who would “lose” in this exchange. Griezman played well in one period of the season so far and then he disappeared. It seems as when he plays, Barcelona looks like they are playing with one player less as was described by Barcelona legend, Hristo Stoichkov.

Juventus cannot brag about the Dybala as well. He had issues at the beginning of the season with the virus, only to get injured afterwards. He player few games so far and he is not in the first plan with Andrea Pirlo. Added to this, Dybala did not sign the new contract yet.

It is hard to tell who would get the better deal in this exchange. Dybala is two years younger but he plays in the same position as Griezman and he would only “suffocate” Messi. On the other hand, if Ronaldo and Dybala leave, Griezman would get his position back. He would play behind Alvaro Morata and he could provide good games as it was the case in Atletico Madrid and in national team.

It is worth mentioning that Dybala is entering the final year of his contract which means that his market value is lower. This means that Juventus would have to pay certain amount to Barcelona if they enter the negotiations.

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