Alexander Zverev Furious with the ATP rankings rule

German tennis player Alexander Zverev stated that he is not interested in the ATP rankings because he consider the current order is not right.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and delay of matches for months, ATP adopted the rule to temporarily change the rankings system where the points acquired in 2019 were counted in for the players. Thanks to this, Federer remained in the top of the list even though he did not play for almost entire last season.

Alexander Zverev said: “Ranking does not mean anything, especially with the ranking system we have now. I think that I should be at least 4th or 5th in the world at the moment. This is absurd, it is pointless.” He added “I am biggest fan of Federer, but he did not play a single match for one year and he is in front of me. I played Grand Slam final, Masters final, I won one or two tournaments. This is chaos and we should not pay attention to the current ranking system”.

Zverev is currently 7th with 5,635 points while Federer is 6th with 6.375 points.

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