What To Expect From UEFA Champions League Round Of 16

The round of 16 of UEFA Champions League is approaching. The next round starts on Tuesday, 15th of February. There are 16 teams left, and there will be one winner who will lift the winners trophy in May. We will see here the pairs in the next round. We will try to predict the results and who will advance to Round of 8.

In the Round of 16, the first match starts on 15th of February. The last match is scheduled for 16th of March.

Paris Saint-Germain – Real Madrid – 15.02.2022.

One of the two matches that will be played on 15th of February is a clash between Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid. At the beginning, we have a match between major contenders for the trophy. First match will be played in Paris. According to betting odds, Paris Saint-Germain are slight favorites for the first match. However, as it is, there is a return match in Madrid, scheduled for 9th of March.

Although these two teams are very strong, we are of the opinion that Real Madrid will advance to the next round. Both teams are doing well in their domestic championships. Both teams hold the first position in their leagues.

We give slight advantage for Real Madrid to go to the next round and who knows, maybe all the way to the final. The winner between Paris and Real Madrid will play against the better team from the match between Chelsea and Lille.

Sporting Lisbon – Manchester City – 15.02.2022.

Second match on 15th of February will be played in Lisbon. Manchester City will play against Sporting. If there are no surprises, Manchester City should jump over this obstacle without any serious problems. City plays well in the domestic championship and they have a strong team led by Kevin de Bruyne. If City wins, they will have slightly easy path to the Semi-Finals. The opponent in the Quarter-Finals will be the better team in the match between Benfica and Ajax.

Ajax is good team and should pass Benfica but we do not believe that they are strong enough in this season to go pass Manchester City.

FC Inter – Liverpool FC – 16.02.2022.

The clash between the three times champion and six times champion. We are sure that we will watch two really good matches between these two teams. Inter is currently second in Serie A with 52 points, while AC Milan is first with 53 points and there are 14 rounds left. On the other hand, Liverpool is already 9 points behind Manchester City and it is hardly possible that they will manage to catch City and defend the title they won in the previous season. So, Liverpool should go all-in in this match.

However, we believe that Liverpool is better team at the moment and we predict that they will pass to the next round. But, whoever advance to the next round will have toughest job in this years Champions League as the next opponent will most likely be Bayern Munich who plays against Red Bull Salzburg.

Red Bull Salzburg – Bayern Munich – 16.02.2022.

The second match for 16th of February is a match between Salzburg and Bayern. We do not want to underestimate anyone in this round, but we believe that Bayern is far more better team than Salzburg. So, this should be an easy task for them. If Bayern pass Salzburg, they will play in Quarter-Finals with the better team from a match between Inter and Liverpool. Since we already predicted that Liverpool should advance to the next round, we will have another big game before the Finals.

Chelsea FC – Lille OSC – 22.02.2022.

The next match is between Chelsea and Lille. Chelsea will come to this match as the FIFA Club World Champion. They beat Palmeiras in the FIFA Club World Championship 2:1. Kai Havertz brought the trophy with his goal in 117th minute of the match.

The match between Chelsea and Lille should not be a big trouble for Lille. Although Lille is the current title holder in France championship, they are not doing well this season. They stand in the 9th position and it will be very hard for them to get to the third position that leads to the UEFA Champions League for the next season. So, we give advantage to Chelsea to pass to the next round of this year’s UEFA Champions League. If Chelsea pass to the next round, they will play against the better team from the match between Paris and Real Madrid.

Villareal – Juventus – 22.02.2022.

Villareal plays well this season but we feel that they will not be able to stop Juventus. On the other hand, Juventus acquired the services of one of the best strikers in the world for the past two season. They managed to sign Dusan Vlahovic in the January transfer window. He already prove that he will be a huge asset to Juventus having score two goals in two matches for Juventus already.

So, we give the advantage to Juventus in this round. The next round will be a true test for Allegri’s side as they will face the winner from the match between Atletico Madrid and Manchester United.

Atletico Madrid – Manchester United – 23.02.2022.

Tough match. The bookies also give the even odds who will pass to the next round.

Of course, Manchester United have Cristiano Ronaldo, and we know that he is the man for big matches. However, both teams are not doing well in their domestic championships. Atletico is far behind Real Madrid and Sevilla, while Manchester United is 23 points behind the League leader, Manchester City. So, the primarily task for this season is to pass West Ham and take the fourth place that leads to the next season’s UEFA Champions League.

As we stated at the beginning of the paragraph, this is really tough match to predict but we give slight advantage to Manchester United.

Benfica – Ajax – 23.02.2022.

Last but not the least, we have the match between Benfica and Ajax. Benfica does not stand well in the domestic championship as they already lost the race against Porto. Porto has 60 points, while Benfica is on third place with 50 points. On the other hand, Ajax is doing great in the domestic championship and domestic cup. They are first with 3 points ahead of PSV Eindhoven and they are through to Semi-Finals in the domestic Cup where they will play against Go Ahead Eagles, so it is fair to say that if there are no major surprises, they will reach the Final.

Ajax plays well in all competitions this year, and they pass the group with max efficiency, having won all 6 matches in the Group Stage. So, we give advantage to Ajax in this round.

For the end, we can only say that this will be interesting round. After all, we hope we will enjoy in all the matches that are in front of us.

Here is the UEFA Champions League tree:

UEFA Champions League Round of 16
source: sofascore.com

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